HR Interview Questions – Call Center & Customer Service
Introduce yourself

My name is X , I am 23 years old ,
I graduated from faculty of commerce Cairo University, Accounting department, Graduation year two thousand and nine “2009”
About my courses , I had studied English language course at master education center,
I studied Microsoft Office course and I learned a lot of computer skills, such as
word,Excel, PowerPoint , Access and internet explorer and outlook
and Course In General Customer services over the internet And I had learned lots of Communications Skills in Customer Care.


Why would you like to apply in Vodafone Vacancy?

Because I think Vodafone is one of the largest Telecommunications in Egypt & also World wide. also as multinational company I expect to have good management & supervision.
And looking forward to get promoted fast in Vodafone as a Large company always makes expansion for new projects.


What do you know about customer service?

Customer service is the basic stage at any respectable company, which makes the relation between the customer and his company much better by serving him by perfect way to reach his satisfaction
and there are three types of customer service field by phone , face to face and public relationship


Why do you apply the customer service offer?
why do you want to work as call center agent?

Because I have personal skills qualified me for this job like “good communication skills, good listener, sociable, friendly, Calm, like to help people and I have the ability to work in team work


What are the strength / positive points in your personality?

I’m an organized person, dependable person, hard worker, calm, have the ability to work under stress and have the ability to solve problems


What are the weakness / negative points in your personality?

I like to learn more of thing at the same time and that makes me lose focus on learning one thing or more carefully


What will you do if the customer abused you during call ?!

I will try to make him calm down by listening to him carefully and talking to him in a polite way
I will try to be calm with out any stirring reaction
I’ll be good listener to him
– let him to explain all the problem to me
– I’ll take my steps to solve this problem and following with the customer till solve it and reach his satisfaction
– after that I’ll take all my steps to avoid this problem in the future


What will you use in your work to over achieve your goals?

The good listening, the concentration, the patience and the punctuality in my information


Why you left your previous work?

To Increase my salary, also to seek stability in my career & get promoted faster in a large organization like yourselves.


Tell me a time you work under stress?

When I was in the final year at university, the tension and sadness in control of my life because my sister
was in the hospital throughout the period of exams .. but I could most successful and learned how to achieve what I want .. Whatever the pressure or stress around me


What the best thing you achieved in your life?

Getting graduated with excellent garde, even under the country’s circumstances I’m still capable of achieving Success in my job and promotion in the posts.


What is the same relation between the customer service agent and the designer?

Both of them aim to fulfill the customers needs


What are the types of the customer service field?

1- Face to face
2- By phone
3- Public relationships


What are you see yourself after 3 years?

I hope to get higher positions and promotions in my work such as team leader , both in customer service or, Human Development Department
And that because I will not suffice to work only, but i will try to take more courses that will help me to
success and innovation in the area in which I work in it. And then access to the highest positions


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